LAGERVERKAUF seltene Pflanzen kaufen vor Ort - Sonntag 30.06. - 12:00 - 15:00 Uhr - HIER TERMIN BUCHEN
LAGERVERKAUF seltene Pflanzen kaufen vor Ort - Sonntag 30.06. - 12:00 - 15:00 Uhr - HIER TERMIN BUCHEN

Shipping and Returns

Our promise

We only send healthy plants that have been controlled by us for pests.

We are a plant passport certified company, which is regularly inspected by the responsible phytosanitary office and meets all requirements for pest control and plant health.

Return + exchange

Since plants are living goods, we cannot offer returns.

We are in no control about what you do with your plant after receiving it, so we cannot offer a 100% guarantee. Therefore we are not offering a refund for living goods. Our plants have been controlled before shipping by us and a responsible office. If the state of the plant decreases rapidly after arrival, please get in touch with us. Explain your problem with pictures and we will try to give you tips since most problems occur due to not optimal care or conditions.


If we agree to a return in an exceptional case, the buyer is responsible for the return shipment and bears the full costs for it. We can only accept the return of the plant if it is sent back to us in the original box and appropriate padding/packaging. We also recommend choosing shipment with tracking. If a package gets lost, the buyer bears the full risk. We cannot offer refunds for arbitrary or poorly packaged returns. If you are unsure, we are happy to give you advice on how to return the plant properly.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer full refunds for plants that are not returned to us in perfect condition or have suffered too much from being returned. Especially at very low temperatures (below 10 degrees at night) or very high temperatures (above 30 degrees), re-shipping the plant can cost its life.

Please think very carefully about a return under the above mentioned-reasons. Every plant from us comes with care instructions that describe in detail how to care for it properly after shipping so that it recovers quickly. We are also happy to give you additional advice for individual cases.


We cannot guarantee refunds for slight damage to plants caused by transport, e.g. torn leaves, occasionally broken roots, or occasionally broken stems and yellow leaves. Since plants are living beings, they do not reduce the value of the plant.

You always buy the plant that is in the photos.


We ship within Germany and to all EU countries plus switzerland!

Note on shipping to countries outside the EU

For shipments outside of the EU, additional taxes, such as VAT, or costs (e. g. customs duties) may be added to your order, which are not paid via us or which will not be invoiced by us, but are payable by you directly to the relevant customs or tax authorities. Please contact these authorities for details.

Shipping days/Shipping time

Our plants are only shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid unnecessarily long shipping times over the weekend.

The duration of the shipping depends on the shipping method you have chosen:

  • Standard shipping within Germany usually - 1-2 working days
  • Express shipping within Germany usually - 1 working day
  • Standard international shipping DPD - 2-4 working days
  • Standard international shipping DHL - 3-5 working days

Shipping costs

We ship by DPD and DHL. Express shipping is only possible with UPS.

The desired company and shipping method can be selected in the checkout process.

Due to intern processes shipping for plants and posters can't be combined.


  Plant Poster
DHL 10,00 € 6,50 €
DPD 10,00 € 6,50 €
UPS Standard 12,00 € n/a
UPS Express 20,00 € n/a

International Shipping DHL Plant

Zone 2  Zone 3 
25,00€ 26,00 €
Hungary Bulgaria
Italy Croatia
San Marino Cyprus
Spain Estonia

International Shipping DHL Poster

Zone 1  Zone 2  Zone 3 
16,00€ 17,00€ 18,00 €
Belgium Hungary Bulgaria
Netherlands Italy Croatia
Luxembourg San Marino Cyprus
Austria Spain Estonia
Denmark Sweden Finland
France Slovakia Greece
Monaco Slovenia Latvia
Poland   Lithuania
Czech Republic    Malta

International Shipping DPD

Zone 1  Zone 2  Zone 3  Zone 4 
Plant 19,00 € Plant 20,00 € Plant 24,00 € Plant 27,00 €
Poster 12,00 € Poster 14,00 € Poster 17,00 € Poster 20,00 €
 Belgium  Denmark France  Italy
 Netherlands  Czech Republic Monaco  Poland
 Austria        Slovakia
 Luxembourg        Slovenia


Zone 5  Zone 6 
Plant 30,00 € Plant 34,00 €
Poster 23,00 € Poster n/a
Portugal  Estonia
Sweden  Finland
Spain Croatia
Ireland (no plants)  Latvia


International Shipping UPS

Zone A  Zone B  Zone C  Zone D 
Plant 27,00 € Plant 32,00 € Plant 35,00 € Plant 38,00 €
Austria Croatia Bulgaria Switzerland 
Belgium Denmark Cyprus  
Czech Republic France Estonia    
Luxembourg Hungary Greece    
Netherlands Italy Latvia  
Poland Romania Lithuania  
  Slovakia Malta  
  Slovenia Portugal  
  Ireland Spain  



In strong weather conditions such as extreme heat/very cold temperatures, we reserve the right to wait with the shipment and ship the plants only when weather conditions are suitable.

If the plant is to be sent against our advice, the buyer bears the full risk and no claims for replacement or return can be made by the buyer.

Parcel damage/transport damage

Should a parcel arrive damaged, we ask you to take pictures of the damage and any damaged contents immediately after receipt of the parcel. Without photographic evidence we cannot guarantee a refund.

Please report any damage within 24 hours.

We cannot guarantee refunds for slight damage to plants caused by transport, e.g. torn leaves, occasionally broken roots, or occasionally broken stems and yellow leaves. The plant will recover quickly and put out new leaves.


If a parcel cannot be delivered due to incorrect address information on the part of the buyer, or if it is not picked up from a pick-up store, we will charge a flat rate of 25€.


Heatpacks and insulation are included in our orders and we always pack according to the temperatures. So you don't have to worry about your plant in colder temperatures!

If the temperatures in our or the recipients region are too low, we reserve the right to withhold  the delivery. If this is the case, we will contact you.


In the case of very low or long-term low temperatures, we recommend Express Shipping.
Customers from Germany can choose Express Shipping during checkout.
If you are an international customer and you would like to book EXPRESS SHIPPING, please contact us by email. You can simply reply to your order confirmation.

Express shipping is calculated according to the package size and not, as usual, according to the actual weight. This means that a package with only one small plant can be much cheaper than a package with many or one large plant.
In general, we try very hard to send the plant safely, but in the smallest box as possible in order to keep the costs as low as possible for you.


Because your package has to go through customs, it will need much longer to be delivered. Combined with low temperatures the chance that your plant will arrive healthy is quite low.
For this reason we only send packages to switzerland with EXPRESS SHIPPING*.

*You can ask us before or after your purchase for shipping rates.