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NEXT SHIPPING DAYS: Mon 27.06. / Tue 28.06. *Summer break 29.06. - 15.07.! No orders will be shipped.* Mon 18.07. / Tue 19.06.

Pre-Order FAQ

About our pre-orders

Do you might know the problem? You are searching for your whishlist plant for such a long time? Unfortunately, sales in webshops are usually very busy and the available plants are often sold out within a few minutes. Even on eBay you are not always lucky as the highest bidder to acquire the plant you have been looking for for so long.

We give you the opportunity to pre-order your desired plant stress-free!

The following applies to all pre-orders:

We reserve the available plants for you after we have received your order. We go by row. The sooner you order a plant, the higher the chance of an on time or earlier delivery, as you are higher up on the order list.

Please read the following FAQ before you order.

Are the plants already in Germany or are they freshly imported?
Are the plants acclimatized?

We produce around 60% of the plants we offer in Germany, or purchase them from nurseries in Germany and Europe. A large part of the plants that we offer for pre-order are therefore already grown in Germany and adapted to the European climate. We only import a small part of the plants that are also offered for pre-order. Plants that we import from outside of Europe stay in our greenhouses for at least 3-4 months to acclimate. For pre-orders we only send plants that are fully acclimatized and healthy.

Will my plant be ready for shipping before the specified shipping period?

Yes, that is possible. If your plant is ready for shipping much earlier, we will contact you in advance and inform you of the planned delivery period. If for any reason this is not ok for you, we can postpone the shipment.

Is it possible that my ordered plant won’t be ready to ship within the specified delivery date?

Yes, this can happen. Please note that the specified delivery date is only an approximate indication, but of course we try to keep it by all means! We always try to plan all pre-orders as well as possible and also allow enough regeneration and production time for the plants. Nevertheless, there can always be delays that are beyond our control, e.g. late delivery by the supplier, non-delivery by the supplier or plants that arrive in a poor condition. There may be failures in your own production, or the respective plant simply develops much more slowly than planned.

How big are the plants? Are there any sample pictures?

Unless otherwise stated, we do not send baby or young plants! You always get a fully grown plant in the normal size for its species with several leaves. 

Plants with sample pictures:

We can already show examples of this plant. Please note that, unless otherwise stated on the product page (!), when you pre-order you will never receive the identical plant that can be seen in the pictures, but a very similar one. The pictures are for display purposes only.  

Plants without sample pictures:

In this case we are unfortunately unable to show you any pictures in advance. You always get a fully grown plant in the normal size for its species with several leaves. Most plants are approximately 30-50cm tall, unless it's just a smaller species such as Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy, or the Monstera obliqua peru. In general, we try to reserve the most beautiful specimens for you and do not send baby plants or freshly cut cuttings. 

In the meantime I found my wanted plant elsewhere. Can I cancel the pre-order?

Yes, of course this is possible. If you want to cancel your order you can simply send us an email in response to your order confirmation. Unfortunately we cannot accept cancellations that reach us via Instagram and Facebook.


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