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Pack of 2 – 40x40 - 2 Prints of your choice - We love Aroids x JB Botanical Arts

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PACK OF 2 PRINTS Choose 2 prints of your own choice out of the series. PLEASE... more
Product information


Choose 2 prints of your own choice out of the series.


You can write your decision into the comment section in the last step during checkout or send a mail after your purchase.


We teamed up with illustrator Julia Biermann from JB Botanical Arts (Instagram

@jbbotanical_art) to create this awesome series of special Aroid leaves for you!


She used Schmincke watercolour colors for her very detailed illustrations which comes in 5

different sizes:

20x20cm - 300g fine art print

30x30cm - 300g fine art print

40x40cm - 300g fine art print

30x40cm - 150g fine art print

50x70cm - 150g fine art print


All posters are printed on a very quality fine art recycling paper* which is environmentally

friendly without bleach and only made of sustainable Wood.


*Although it’s a recycling paper this doesn’t mean that the print comes in a greyish colour.

The paper is perfect White.

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