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Pack of 2 – 40x50 - 2 prints of your choice – botanical vintage prints

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PACK OF 2 PRINTS Choose 2 prints of your own choice out of the series. PLEASE... more
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Choose 2 prints of your own choice out of the series.


You can write your decision into the comment section in the last step during checkout or send a mail after your purchase.


Botanical vintage print on Fine Art recycled paper. Available in 3 different sizes:

24x30 - 300g fine art print

40x50 - 150g fine art print

50x60 - 150g fine art print


Epiphyten, Lithographie, published 1897 1) Malayan urn vine (Dischidia major, or Dischidia rafflesiana) with cross section of a leaf; 2) Polypodium quercifolium; 3) Thruppence urn plant (Dischidia imbricata, or Conchophyllum imbricatum); 4) Psychopsiella limminghei or Oncidium Limminghii; 5) Sacred fig (Ficus religiosa); 6) Bulbous airplant (Tillandsia bulbosa); 7) Elkhorn fern (Platycerium grande); 8) Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides). Epiphytes are organisms, that grows on the surface of a plant, without getting involved as with parasites and do not necessarily negatively affect the host

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